Fieldfares and more!


Had to make the most of this weekend.  As is usual, on bonfire night weekends, the UK gets rain.  Although I’m not complaining, luckily it held off for last nights firework celebrations.

It’s getting quite wet underfoot out and about, and this seems to dissuade most people from venturing out into nature.  First port of call was Tiddesley Woods Nature Reserve (again).

It’s amazing what you can find out in the countryside and that doesn’t stop at plastic toy cows!  Not sure how she got here 🙂

We had a reasonably quiet walk, not all that much around.  However we did spot this, definately not your typical bird box! That ain’t no bird.

I love that way this has been constructed, maybe to some it’s a little scary, but there is somsething strangely beautiful about it.

As with most trips out the most activity is back in the car park.  Sitting down for a cup of nice hot tea this little fella popped over to say hello.

I have a habit now of leaving the camera set up on the back seat, as pretty much every trip I see something worth snapping as I am driving along.  This pheasant was quite the poser and just sat there as I happily took the shots.

Not far from Tiddesley Woods is Croome Park, owned by the National Trust.  It’s worth visiting if in the area as the Park is truly spectacular.  They also have rather a nice cafe 😉

I wasn’t really expecting to see much here.  But I saw more than during the rest of the day.  The trees here were absolutely packed with birds.  I had trouble deciding just where to point my camera lens.  I settled for the Fieldfare, the first of the year for me.

And before I forget, one for the Fungi fans again!

One the way home, spotted a Buzzard on a telegraph pole.  Not the best quality but here he is.


Snitterfield Bushes & Pipers Hill / Dodderhill Common


Today we took a visit to two local nature reserves, run by the Wildlife Trusts.  The first was Snitterfield Bushes which is quite close to Stratford upon Avon.  It’s quite a beautiful wood, peaceful and relaxed.

At this time of year, there are quite a few berries.  Unfortunately today I didn’t see much wildlife taking advantage of the abundance that seems to be about at the moment.

And one for the fungi fans!

The only bird I managed to capture (just about) on our short trip was a Marsh Tit.

One thing we did come across was a cheerful group of volunteers helping to coppice the wood.  Good on them!

Pipers Hill / Dodderhill Common is another local nature reserve, just outside Hanbury, Worcestershire.  Again, it’s managed by the Wildlife Trusts.

This, in my opinion, is the best time of year to visit.  It looks just glourious in Autumn.

The only real wildlife we saw we the local grey squirrels.  Quite a few of them in fact.  A few wrens were pottering about too.

If fungi is your thing then this is the place to come.  An absolute plethora and here are just a few.

Two beautiful reserves that I can’t recommend highly enough, even if it’s just for a short afternoon stroll.