30 Minute Riverside Wildlife

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Grey Heron

At one of my my local lunchtime spots I decided to wait a bit longer.

Lots of Canada Goose when I pulled up in my car. I then sat and watched some Little Grebes doing their thing.

Soon after the Cormorant made it’s arrival.

Then I noticed a Heron had appeared as if by magic from nowhere. Like the shopkeeper in Mr Benn.

For once, it actually took flight in front of my lens. Got a few shots of it.

Bye Bye Heron!

And finally, here’s a random Rook just for fun.

All in all, bit of a riverside bonanza today. All in 30 minutes.

Happy Friday! 🙂


Punk Rocker Chaffinch / The Unaware Sparrow

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A couple of silly shots from today.  Hey, it’s Christmas 🙂


Male Chaffinch with a neat hairdo


The Unaware Sparrow

Psst.  It’s behind you…

Buzzard Persecution

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Spent my lunchtime watching the various activites in the field near my workplace.

It’s only a smallish area but it certainly has it’s fair share of wildlife.

There are a couple of Buzzards that haunt the area. I frequently see them about. There is also a Kestrel that thinks this is it’s territory, as well as all the local Crows.

I watched the Buzzard first getting attacked by the Crows and then by the iddy biddy teeny weeny Kestrel.

The buzzard never really retaliated. Just moved on to another post or tree.

On the plus side, I did see it make a few kills.

Flight of the Short Eared Owl


Went down to the Severn Estuary today looking to photograph wading birds.  Stumbled upon a load of keen birders by a field. Lo and behold a Short Eared Owl.

Spectacular viewing.

Crap joke of the day :

Q: What’s the commonest owl in the UK?
A: The TeatOwl

Two Rather Game Birds

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Red Legged Partridge get scared by Pheasant.

I sat and watched this Red Legged Partridge (on the right) for ages as it casually sat on a mud mound.

It seemed unaware of the group of pheasants creeping along the woodland edge.

Then the pheasant popped up onto the mud mound next to the Partridge and this shot is the result.

Panic Panic Panic!

Strange as they are so often seen together.  Guess it got took by surprise.

Autumn in Full Flow

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So now we are finally getting to Autumn.  It’s still very mild outside though and there are plenty of things to see.

Another small selection from recent encounters.

Wild Fallow Deer


Dragonflies still handing about

Some of the usual suspects …


Blue Tit


Still some insects searching out for what they can …

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Pied Wagtail (by the River)


Hoping to see (and capture) some of our Winter visitors soon, when they arrive.

Summer? Autumn? Summer? Autumn? It all got confusing!


As people of the UK will know it all went a bit weird this year.  Heatwaves in early October and apparent very cold summer (although I failed to notice this).

Below is a selection of wildlife that’s been around in the late summer/early autumn.  Changing of seasons is always a great spectacle in the natural world.  Autumn being the best IMHO.

Spider Chow Down




Corizus hyoscyami (a new addition to Worcestershire).

Shield Bug


Fallow Deer


Long Tailed Tit



Fallow Deer

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Young Swan


Now, let’s start on proper Autumn!

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