I feel like I am being watched?

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Maybe it’s just me but first this gorgeous Robin……..

And then this ominous looking Crow…..

And finally this Goldfinch, from a distance.

I may start getting paranoid soon! 🙂


Weekend Wanderings

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A few shots taken from over the weekend.

Firstly this Grey Heron that landed literally right in front of my lens.  This was on the way past Feckenham Wylde Moor Nature Reserve which at the moment is rather muddy in places.

On Sunday I took at trip to the local National Trust property Hanbury Hall.  I didn’t go with the intention of shooting any wildlife, just a nice wander.  However as soon as I got there I noticed these little wagtails all over the roof.  As it happened I had taken my 400mm lens along so I was able to shoot them.

Also spotted this little Dunnock in the Knot Garden, quite content with flitting in and out of the pedestrians.

Just down from Hanbury Hall is the fantastic Pipers Hill Common Nature Reserve.  I only stopped for a quick cup of tea in the car to take in the peace of the woods, when I spotted a Treecreeper doing it’s creeping thing up the tree 🙂

So why stay indoors at the moment and be all snug and warm when you can go out, freeze to death and see the wonders of Autumn? 🙂

Finally, the Lapwing shot!

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It’s taken till the last day of the week for the Lapwings distance to be within my lens capabilities. I have being thoroughly entralled watching them over the last few days, during my lunch hour.  Now I think they may be one of my favourite birds 🙂

Count the Lapwings

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For the past two lunch hours I have had the delight of seeing a flock of Lapwings flying (and landing) over the local field.  From a distance you can see there are quite a few.  Count them if you can!  This was only half the flock.

They all landed and then within a few minutes all took off again and it was quite a spectacle!  Here they are in flight, a bit closer.

Just to prove they are Lapwings I cropped one of the images and you can just make it out.  There were a great distance across the field and there was no public right of way to get anywhere near them

Would you believe this is the first time I have seen a group of Lapwings like this.  So it was quite something to see.  Why I can’t have a 2 or maybe 3 hour lunchtime, to spend more time out there, is beyond me 😉

These local fields are providing me with quite a lot of recent twitching.  Really really fantastic.

Also had the luck of just about catching a Pied Wagtail…

And almost catching a Goldfinch (he twitched just as I took it, hmmm….)

Tiddesley Wood Nature Reserve

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Today’s weather was absolutely superb.  Not a cloud in the sky and not all that cold.  So it was a great day for a walk through the woods.

Tiddesley Woods, managed by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, is a mainly wooded reserve just outside Pershore.  Although there are paths running off through the woods there is a main track made of stone, which is great for those not so good on their feet (or those scared of mud!).

One of the first things that I noticed was the abundance of Teazles,  and on them a further abundance of Ladybirds, which seemed to be a mixture of the good old native and the not so native Harlequin.

The woods were alive with noise (not of the human kind..).  Some of the noise sources were easily visible, the birds for one.  Others were not so visible and needed closer inspection, as with this little chap.

At points today it felt very much like a Summer’s day.  But the changing leaves on the trees were the obvious indication that the long hot summer’s days (ha ha) have now passed and we are in Autumn.

Eventually we saw the stone path through the woods coming to an end near a main road.  Choosing this as a point to turn back I saw this Speckled Wood butterfly flitting around in the shadows and light of the woods.  Eventually it came to settle long enough for me to snap it.

A gentle stroll back at the car park and past the orchards (not part of the reserve) we could hear birds in abundance.  They were having their own sunday lunch on the apples in the orchards.  I caught this fella in the act, still with apple on his beak.

All in all a lovely day out, plenty to see and some good healthy outdoor exercise. I can throughly recommend this great little nature reserve.

Lunchtime Nature Walk Week

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This week I decided to spend my lunch hour, which is usually frittered away, going out into the nearby countryside with my camera.  I was very surprised just what I saw in the short time that I had.  I managed to snap a few of the birds that I saw, some of the photos are not of the best quality so you’ll have to excuse me 🙂  Plus, it was also a 4 day week and not 5.

Day 1

On the first day I was immediately greeted with a Kestrel going about it’s hunting business.  This bird stayed around all week but was always just out of reach of my lens capabilities.  Further on down the road I came to a stream.  Not far from this I heard a rustling and lo and behold a Grey Heron sprang up and flew off.  I was so excited I nearly dropped my camera and after much faffing I managed to just about grab him on the camera.

At the stream I turned back, aware of the time.  Further back up the road I could hear a tweeting frenzy.  No matter how hard I looked I couldn’t see where it was coming from.  I waited a moment and saw a brief movement in the corner of my eye.  I knelt down and looked through the viewfinder and managed to snap this Skylark.  They seemed to be in abundance in the freshly ploughed field.

Almost back at the office I stopped on the railway bridge and had a quick scout.  At this point I’d put my camera away and had to just make do with watching the Bullfinches that were flying in and out of the hedgerows.

Day 2

Inspired by the success I had the previous day I went out again, filled with curiosity.  Again I saw the Kestrel, numerous Starlings and  the Skylarks in the field.  It was on the way back that I caught the next subject.  Easy to spot and not very quiet!

Day 3

Things were going well.  I had seen so much.  Everyday seemed to bring something new along into the viewfinder.  On the way back to the office I heard another tweeting extravaganza, birds were flying everywhere.  However on one branch I noticed this little chap.  He looks a little shy doesn’t he? Goldfinches are quiet quiet beautiful.

Day 5

Friday, the last day of my walk was also another eventful day.  Straight off, the Kestrel was waiting for me on the railway bridge.  After much fumbling to get my camera out I had him lined up in my sights……and then a lorry hurtles around the corner and the Kestrel is off.  Darn!

Midway down the road there were more Goldfinch in the fields, Starlings on the overhead wires and on my right Yellowhammers.  Not something I have seen all that often I rushed another shot before he flew off.  The exposure is pretty ugh but at least there he is.  All yellow and hammer like 🙂

So after just 4 days I have surprised myself at just what is out there, on my office doorstep.